Why & WhatWe Offer

Invention and Innovation in the country are on the really low side
The young minds are not introduced to tools to solve problems as they grow up and therefore learn to rely on others for solution to problems

Excellent Team

We have a team of excellent minds, brought together by similar goals, drive and passion to see the Vision is a reality.

Practical Appraoch

We have various tools to ensure our approach is practical and we also give the students the oppourtunity to practicalise what they are been taught

Outstanding Curriculum

Our curriculum which we pride ourselve in is a combination of the best aspects of several standard curriculum. We are able to deliver the best

Critical Tech Skills

We have identified the most important set of technical skills a student should have and our curriculum is structured to cover all these.

Termly Hachathons

Termly hachathons to ensure the students put to use what they have learnt. This is also to wake up the innvovative power of the mind innate in them.

Progress Report

We have systems in place to track the progress of each participating student.

Areas ofFocus

Technology is really broad and we have specialised.
Aspects of tech we can teach your students include

Application Development

We teach kids and young minds to use coding to develop applications like games and many more.

Making use of tools specially designed for kids to learn coding, we walk each kid through how to think logically so as to come up with an algorithm and how to implement the algorithm using the right syntax.

Website Design

Website design simply refers to everything a you can see on a website. Every Organisation is expected to have an online prescence through there websites.

We teach the kids to be profficient in the use of Html, CSS and relevant Javascript Syntax. Take them through practical exapmles of how to combine html elements and css files to bring up nice website designs.

Website Development

Website Development has to do with everything behind the scene of a website. More like the engine in the hood of a car that makes it move.

We will teach students/kids to use Python to develop websites


One of the Immediate future of technology is Robotics. We are well equiped to teach children the basics of robotics , ensuring they understand what a robot is, characteristics of a robot and how to assemble simple robots together thereby opening up there tender innovative mind to a world of new possibilities.

White Board Animation

White board animations are animative videos that takes the form of drawing and painting on a white board surface. This is used in adverts and video commercials. Alot of bloggers also use these to expalin diffrent concept.

We will be teaching the students how to make such videos. We will also teach them how to make a Video that bests describe a certain concept and that is the height of it.

Android App Development

Android Phones are widely in use with billions of android apps running on billions of devices. Andriod platform is one of the platforms to be considered when trying to make an app that targets alot of users around the globe

Our curriculum also includes android application development for your kids. With the right tools and practical approach, your students/kids will be able to make an android app deployable to android devices.

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Since Seeing is Beliving...

Seeing is beliving, and a lot of people doubt that kids can learn how to code. They think that coding is too mentally tasking for kids and students to do.

To convince such people, we have put up a video showing that we are good at what we do. The video shows our expertise at teaching kids how to code. This we are able to acheive because we have researched into tools that can help tech kids technology, we have carefully designed a curriculum and this is a thing of passion for us.

Awesome Resource Personnel

At SpeakTech Haven, we have great and passionate Resource Personnel who always ready to impact knowledge
Teaching Kids Technology is more of passion for us. Below is a cross-section of our brilliant team mebers and Personnels.

  • Adeleke Idowu

    Adeleke Idowu

    She ensures our trainings are properly delivered and impactful.

  • Ayansola Femi

    Ayansola Femi

    Goes all out to build us a good first time impression with schools or clients


Have you got any questions or inquiry you want to make? Do you have a feedback for us
Are you considering a free workshop for your students or you are intrested in seeing us making you a presentation

About SpeakTech Haven

SpeakTech Haven; A company that is dedicated and committed to raising up generation of young minds that innovate. Technology is the language of this age and at SpeakTech Haven we believe everybody can Speak tech.

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How it Works?

Getting us to teach your kids technology is really very simple...

  • Contact us to show your interest
  • We contact you back to schedule a Presentation/Free Workshop.
  • We Partner With your school.
  • Then, we do the rest.
Our Vison & Mission

• To make Nigeria a Nation that exports more than it imports by inculcating the habit of innovation into the younger generation.
• To make the younger generation see technology as a great tool to solve problems.
• To produce a generation of innovators.


• To ensure that every kid we come across with can use coding to provide innovative solutions that entertain or solve problems.

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